Scripting of OFX imports via Scheme?

Benoit Grégoire bock at
Fri Dec 5 14:59:12 CST 2003

On Thursday 04 December 2003 18:57, Jeremy Jongsma wrote:
> Hmm.  Perhaps then another small step towards direct download could be
> an "import queue" to hold pending OFX imports.  Microsoft Money uses
> this, and it's a great feature.
> When the user opens the application, they can go to the "Pending
> Imports" section (or "Downloaded Statements" at some point), and GnuCash
> would try to match up each OFX file with an account (possibly merging
> multiple OFX statements into one per account?).  The user would click on
> an account name that has an import pending, and that would bring up the
> OFX import reconciliation wizard that already exists.

That would work.  There would be very little aditional in the current code to 
process multiple files.  All you'd have to do is implement the queue itself.  
Even file ordering won't matter.

Benoit Grégoire,

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