Scripting of OFX imports via Scheme?

Jeremy Jongsma jeremy at
Thu Dec 4 17:58:00 CST 2003

Hmm.  Perhaps then another small step towards direct download could be 
an "import queue" to hold pending OFX imports.  Microsoft Money uses 
this, and it's a great feature.

When the user opens the application, they can go to the "Pending 
Imports" section (or "Downloaded Statements" at some point), and GnuCash 
would try to match up each OFX file with an account (possibly merging 
multiple OFX statements into one per account?).  The user would click on 
an account name that has an import pending, and that would bring up the 
OFX import reconciliation wizard that already exists.

Having a separate queue like this could allow scripted imports, but 
could also be used easily by a direct download service if and when it is 


Derek Atkins wrote:

> Hi,
> Quoting Jeremy Jongsma <jeremy at>:
>>Is there an easy way to script importing an OFX file from the command 
>>line?  Until direct download is implemented, I was hoping to use a cron 
>>job to update my account every night, and just reconcile the new 
>>transactions in the account register the next time I use GnuCash.
> Unfortunately I do not believe that the OFX importer API has been
> g-wrapped to allow for a scheme script to automate the process.  Another
> issue is that the importer has a GUI component to deal with transaction
> destination mapping and duplicate detection which cannot be automated.
> So, no, I do not think there is any way to script an import (nor do I 
> think just wrapping the import APIs in g-wrap would help).
> Good Luck,
> -derek
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