Freecoins conduit (again)

Will McDonald will at
Mon Dec 8 08:05:19 CST 2003

On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 09:04:47AM +0100, Lars Persson Fink wrote:
> that exports freecoins
> data to QIF (that can be imported into gnucash), and CSV. It is not
> user friendly but it works.

Great! This is a most-useful tool and step. Perhaps we can integrate the
two and have a choice of what to "sync" with (QIF, GnuCash native,
Kash/Kapital etc)?

> I am most interested in getting a conduit working for gnucash and I
> know that there are a couple of others interested as well. 
> Will, if you're interested, I am offering you my help with this
> project. My spare time is very limited, though.

That sounds good. I've gotten *most* of my infrastructure learning out
of the way (figuring out how to interface with GNC, KPilot, and
Freecoins, and creating a decent autoconf/make system), and will
definitely be in contact with you over the next couple of days (I'll
probably be bugging the dev list about the inner workings of GNC about
that time too). Whatever you can contribute is great, and the more
functional we can make Freecoins/GNC the better.


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