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Gee. I haven't practiced my written English in a long time now. These press 
notes/ announcement is a rough translation from my German version. The German 
version will focus much more on the HBCI stuff which isn't really applicable 
to any other place in the world except Germany, so the German press notes 
will definitely be different from the English ones.

This proposal is meant to stimulate some people into writing something much 
better. I wanted to show how press notes might look like (i.e. several 
paragraphs of text in a row) as well as how a personal quote might be 
included -- please anybody feel free to suggest something better, and also 
somebody else might insert his/her quote there. Comments are absolutetly 
invited and welcome.

*** DRAFT ***

February xx, 2003 (The INTERNET) The GnuCash Development Team
<http://www.gnucash.org> proudly announces the release of GnuCash 1.8,
the GNU personal finance manager. 

GnuCash features a full account hierarchy manager, a checkbook-like
register GUI to enter transactions, and an exhaustive set of reports
to visualize the state of your finances. New features in this release
include scheduled transactions, small business features, OFX import 
and HBCI (the German online banking system) support.  The user
interface is designed to be simple and easy to use, but it is backed
with double-entry accounting principles to ensure balanced books.

"You don't need Windows any longer.  GnuCash comes with all finance
manager features I need, and in Germany I even can manage all my
online banking tasks through GnuCash, " says Christian Stimming of the
developer team. "Even better: In GnuCash I have the first HBCI
software that can really be checked for potential back doors, since
its GPL license gives me true access to the source code."

With respect to OFX import, GnuCash is the first free software
application to support the Open Financial Exchange protocol that many
banks and financial services are moving to use. The development of OFX
and HBCI support has also resulted in an improved transaction matching
and completion system during transaction import. 

In Small Business Accounting, GnuCash now can be used for Customer and
Vendor tracking, Invoicing and Bill Payment, and using different Tax
and Billing Terms in a small business.

For new users, an account hierarchy creation druid helps to get
started.  Existing financial data from e.g. Quicken or MS Money can
easily be imported by the QIF importer.  A brand new user help
has been written which focuses on how to do tasks in conjunction with
a Tutorial and Concepts guide that gives the user background
information on using GnuCash.

GnuCash is available for free under the GNU General Public License
(GPL) from the GnuCash server <http://www.gnucash.org> and its
mirrors. Thanks go to all the translators, testers, and bug reporters
who made this release possible.

Downloading and Compiling GnuCash

The source packages for GnuCash are available for free download at
http://www.gnucash.org/pub/gnucash . GnuCash 1.8 requires the Gnome
1.4 platform, Guppi, guile, slib, and g-wrap. If you are upgrading
from GnuCash 1.6, you should be done by upgrading g-wrap to 1.3.4. The
detailed requirements can be found at


Send email to the mailing list <gnucash-devel at gnucash.org>.
For subscription information, see <http://www.gnucash.org/en/lists.phtml>.

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