Import transactions change proposal

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Mon Feb 3 13:19:10 CST 2003

>From prior discussions about importing many hundreds or thousands of records 
I've started making some changes to the import transaction matcher.  I wanted 
to run through the proposal so as to pull out any necessary changes BEFORE 
the work is complete.

- Change clist in the generic import transaction matcher screen to an extended 
clist to allow for multiple transactions to be selected
- Drop support for row select/unselect signals in the clist
- Add support for double click events in clist
- Modification of run_account_picker_dialog() to accept a list of transactions 
instead of a single one.

This idea could be extended to a search and match function that would allow 
the user to enter an arbitrary string and pick a column and highlight all 
entries containing the search string.  It may also assist witht he auto 
matching code as groups of transactions could be processed as a whole.

Ideas?  Concerns?


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