Import transactions change proposal

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Mon Feb 3 17:28:25 CST 2003

On Monday 03 February 2003 11:25 pm, Benoit Grégoire wrote:
> On February 3, 2003 05:18 pm, Chris Morgan wrote:
> > It's pretty easy.  You handle button events and look for a
> > GDK_2BUTTON_PRESS event.  And yes, it is a questionable decision on the
> > part of the gtk designers to leave this event out, I suppose the
> > assumption is if you need it you can make due with button event
> > processing.
> The problem is that there are NO BUTTONS AT ALL (as far as Gtk is
> concerned) in that window, except for "Ok" and "Cancel".

Might be useful to add a couple of buttons then.  I'll look to see how ms 
money handles things.  I suspect that the hundreds of thousands ms has spent 
on ms money has paid off in an easy to use importer gui.


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