running in the source tree

Andrew Pimlott gnucash-devel at
Wed Feb 5 12:35:46 CST 2003

Is it correct that nobody cares much about running gnucash in the
source tree?  I tried doing this and encountered several obvious
errors.  Here's what I had to do to make it start (I haven't tested
much, but it seems to be working):

- I needed to add

    --gnc-module-dir ${top_builddir}/src/business/business-utils \

  to src/bin/overrides/ .  Without this, it

    ** WARNING **: Failed to open module gnucash/business-utils

    ** WARNING **: : could not locate gnucash/business-utils interface v.0

  several times, then quit.

- I needed to create a symlink

    ln . gnucash

  in src/bin/business/business-utils .  Without this, it exited with

    ERROR: In procedure scm-error in expression (scm-error (quote misc-error) #f ...):
    ERROR: no such module (gnucash business-utils)

- finance-quote-check was not found, because it is not in
  GNC_SHARE_PATH.  I added \"${top_srcdir}/src/quotes\" to
  GNC_SHARE_PATH in src/bin/overrides/ .

Also, the failure to find finance-quote-check caused gnucash to
crash.  See if you can figure out why.  :-)  I thought I could fix
this by replacing (exit 1) with (primitive-exit 1) in
src/scm/process.scm, but that didn't work, because it still calls
the C function exit(3) rather than _exit(2).  I'm mailing the guile
authors about that.

It seems the easiest workaround would be to bail out before calling
gnc:run-sub-process in src/scm/price-quotes.scm if
gnc:*finance-quote-helper* is #f.


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