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E. Oltmanns oltmanns at
Sun Feb 2 22:06:41 CST 2003

Hello altogether,

first of all I'd like to beg your pardon if this isn't the place to
answer questions like mine. Please tell me the right address in that

A few weeks ago I searched in the inter net for home banking software
for linux. Thats how I got interested in GnuCash and especially in its
HBCI facilities. Unfortunately it turned out soon that GnuCash in its
current state is unusable for me because its a gnome based
application. I'm blind and therefore unable to use applications
running under the x-system. So my question is (you guessed it!)
whether it might be possible to write a console interface to GnuCash,
for example using ncurses or something similar. It might be most obvious
that I have hardly an idea about the problems related to such a
project. Perhaps you can think about the suggestion or explain the
reason why it should be impossible to realize a console solution.


E. Oltmanns

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