2.0 plans

Lahoz Gracia, Juan Leon juan-leon.lahoz at mad.tecsidel.es
Mon Feb 10 12:11:46 CST 2003

Greetings and congratulations for 1.8 release! 

I read in a gnomedesktop.org story that 2.0 plans would be 
discussed here and i would like to make public my 'whislist' 
for the future 2.0 release. Feel free to flame me if I'm 

I'm using almost daily Gnucash for about 15 months now, and 
I find it very stable (at least in the features I use, I 
can't remember a single crash) and feature mature. 

However, I would like to see two things in the next stable 

- Improved reports. It would be nice to anyone without a 
  clue about scheme to be able to define his/her own 
  reports, configure them, save them, etc. It is the feature 
  I miss the most (well, this and a proper export of the 
  reports to HTML, but I suppose that the not very good 
  exports are due the gtk widgets and libraries. I may be 

- Gtk2. Yes, I know that it is not a feature by itself, but 
  nowadays gtk2 is very common, and when Gnucash 2.0 can be 
  released, Gtk2 will be a must have (for graphical 
  applications that do not use Qt, of course). With most of 
  the most popular gtk programs ported or being ported to 
  gtk2, the appearance of gtk1 programs now seems a little 
  "dull" (specially when you chose a theme that is not "gtk1 
  compliant"). I must say that the Gnucash custom widgets 
  (transactions and so) looks impressive and doesn't need to 
  change, but toolbars, buttons and trees look "old". I hope 
  also that the HTML exports of the reports will be improved 
  by using gtk2 (can anyone confirm it?). 

I suppose that other people could have another priorities, 
and that the people who really helps will be who take the 
decisions, but I wanted to give my opinion. 

Bye and thanks for the good and serious work. 


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