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Christopher Browne gnucash at
Tue Feb 11 14:21:07 CST 2003

> Yes, it is _POSSIBLE_ to write an ncurses interface, but...
>   a) it has not been done,
>   b) it would be a lot of work, and
>   c) there probably is not a lot of interest by developers to write it.
> I think that (b) is probably the largest deterrent.
> PS: Patches for an ncurses interface would certainly be accepted ;)

I'm not sure that ncurses would be the best choice for the "unsighted;"
that leaves the user interface captive to an "ncurses program."

It seems more likely to me that a scriptable command line user interface
akin to that of MH would be more useful.

Something like:
% qfolder +Chequing
Chequing+ has 273 transactions  (3-479);
% qpick -after 2002-09-01 -before 2003-02-01 -payee "My Landlord"
375 391 411 441 460
% qshow 411
Date: 2003-01-01
Payee: My Landlord
Amount: 1175.00 
Expense Account: Rent 
Currency: CAD
Cleared: No
ID: 879
% qrmm 411
1 Transaction deleted

This could probably be implemented quite readily for the SQL data
storage scheme via a set of Perl/Python scripts, perhaps with some
central storage of information about what "folder" you're looking at.
The other reasonable approach would involve using the RPC-based access

It would make /much/ more sense to do this as a set of commands ala MH
than as a captive user interface using ncurses; that allows people to
automate processes themselves...
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done this, done that, or included this or that", they really should be
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