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don Paolo Benvenuto donpaolo at
Wed Feb 12 18:17:23 CST 2003

Hi guys!

I needed a converter, in order to migrate from MoneySmith to GnuCash.

I wrote the program, in python. It uses a MoneySmith feature that sends to 
the windows clipboard the report I have in the current windows. Selecting 
View-Transactions and performing Edit-Copy Report sends all transactions to 
the clipboard. Transactions are to be sent to the clipboard in "tab 
separated" format.

At this point I must open my favorite editor, paste the transactions and save 
as a text file.

The program I wrote reads this file with all the transactions, 
and produces an optimized set of qif files in a separate directory.  
gnucash can import.

Actually, to perform the actual importing, I must use gnucash's feature, but 
it quite boring, because I must select manually all the qif files.

At this point, it will be very interisting that gnucash could integrate my 
program. With the only indication of the directory where the qif files are 
located it could load automatically all the files and perform the importing.

The program is well documented and well tested. It imported perfectly my 
9,000 transactions I had on MoneySmith. No duplicate transactions are 

I'd like to give it to the gnucash community with a GPL license. Do you think 
is it possible to embed it in gnucash?

BTW, the program's size is about 31k. I can send it to anyone interested.

Let me know what we can do!

Buon Cammino!

don Paolo Benvenuto <donpaolo at>
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