MoneySmith importer

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 12 18:02:58 CST 2003

don Paolo Benvenuto <donpaolo at> writes:

> Actually, to perform the actual importing, I must use gnucash's feature, but 
> it quite boring, because I must select manually all the qif files.

I'm sorry you feel it is boring.  Would you like us to add some
background music to make it more entertaining?  Perhaps some exciting
popups or maybe some changing colors?

Perhaps you _meant_ to say that it is tedious, time-consuming, or
annoying to have to enter the files one-at-a-time.  (I think you
misunderstand the definition and connotation of "boring").  But
frankly what you are doing (importing a BUNCH of accounts from another
program) is a one-time process -- hardly a process that needs much
optimization because you only do it once.  If it was something you
were doing every week, or even every month, then I would agree that it
should get optimized.  But that you are performing this operation only
once to me implies that it can be somewhat more tedious.

HOWEVER, if you feel like you want to optimize this somehow, feel free
to supply a patch to the QIF importer to allow you to select multiple
files at once and then act on them.  I just have no idea how hard it
would be to change the file selector to make this change.

> At this point, it will be very interisting that gnucash could integrate my 
> program. With the only indication of the directory where the qif files are 
> located it could load automatically all the files and perform the importing.
> The program is well documented and well tested. It imported perfectly my 
> 9,000 transactions I had on MoneySmith. No duplicate transactions are 
> produced.
> I'd like to give it to the gnucash community with a GPL license. Do you think 
> is it possible to embed it in gnucash?

I'm not sure that this program needs to be a part of gnucash itself,
but if there is enough interest we can probably convince Linas to set
up a "contributed code" section on the web site.

Another reason is that we currently have no python programs in the
distribution, so adding your code would add a dependency on python
which is, IMHO, not something worth the cost.

OTOH, I think we'd be happy to distribute the package along-side the
gnucash packages.

> BTW, the program's size is about 31k. I can send it to anyone interested.
> Let me know what we can do!
> Buon Cammino!


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