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Christopher Browne gnucash at cbbrowne.com
Thu Feb 13 15:57:20 CST 2003

> > >Not that I am advocating SOAP, or any other method, but this
> > >is a misleading statement. You might as well say 'If we go
> > >with CORBA, I'd be left writing the CORBA messages by
> > >hand'. Of course, no one would do that since you could
> > >use a CORBA library to do that for you. And that is precisely
> > >what you would do with SOAP. There are several free SOAP
> > >libraries available, for different languages.
> > >
> > I'm certainly not advocating this at all. What I'm saying is that CORBA=20
> > has a very well defined object model. Even if I had a library to=20
> Ok, then I agree with you. It wasn't clear you were saying all of
> that in your original message. I do think SOAP's interoperability
> will improve eventually. The different CORBA ORBs weren't very=20
> interoperable, once upon a time.

I think it's fair to say that by the time SOAP could /conceivably/ reach
a level of maturity that would allow it to be generally adopted, CORBA
will have been mature, having had implementations that have been
efficiently interoperating for a goodly 5 years or more.

Why go with something that will continue to be flaky for years to come
when there's an /already mature/ technology that is /already part of
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don't." -- Alan Perlis

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