UI independance

Dave Peticolas dave at krondo.com
Thu Feb 13 13:24:22 CST 2003

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 12:57, Christopher Browne wrote:
> I think it's fair to say that by the time SOAP could /conceivably/ reach
> a level of maturity that would allow it to be generally adopted, CORBA
> will have been mature, having had implementations that have been
> efficiently interoperating for a goodly 5 years or more.
> Why go with something that will continue to be flaky for years to come
> when there's an /already mature/ technology that is /already part of

Sure, as I said in my original message, I wasn't advocating SOAP,
just objecting to what I thought was a misleading statement. But
you are both right, CORBA is more mature and better supported in
Gnome. I think a set of GnuCash bonobo controls that could be
embedded in other apps would be a very nice addition to GnuCash,
not that I am volunteering to write them :)


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