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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Feb 14 11:30:09 CST 2003

"Lahoz Gracia, Juan Leon" <juan-leon.lahoz at mad.tecsidel.es> writes:

> Ahhhh.. thanks for the point. You can call me stupid now. I
> didn't have see it (I saw a blank page, but I didn't click
> in the properties button). I was confused by the location
> and name of the report: I thank that it was some sort of
> example or skeleton like the "hello world" and so, maybe if
> it were named something like "Multiple report", put out of
> the "Sample & custom" and jump directly to show the
> properties window, it were more obvious.

I'm sorry the name "Sample & Custom" confused you.  I can't think of
any name that would suffice for this -- can you?  I'm not sure what
you mean by "put out of" -- do you mean moving it to the top-level
menu?  I'm sorry, but I disagree.  There are a number of different
"custom" reports, and they should all be grouped together.  Perhaps
the "Spanish Translation" can fix the title to make it more clear what
it means :)

I'm also sorry that "Multicolumn Report" confused you, however, I
don't believe that further name changes are warranted here.  You
clearly understood what I meant as soon as I mentioned it.  Again,
feel free to "fix" this in the spanish translation.  On the other
hand, I do believe that the documentation discusses this.

As for popping up the properties window at the beginning of the
report, I think the best we can do there is add a link if the report
is empty that says "click here to setup this report".  I don't think
there is any way in the architecture to easily pop up the properties
window when you open a report.

> On the other hand, if that properties window could have some
> sort of "grid" to place the reports (to allow to specify
> size and position, and to chose the dimensions of the grid),
> it would be more flexible and intuitive, allowing more
> posibilities of "phisical combinations".

Feel free to submit patches.

> Also, and IMHO, I think that when the "save report" the
> value of this multiple report is going to be multiplied by
> 10 (I could happily be an hour customizing a report and all
> of its subreports, but only if I could use it whenever I
> want, or make slighty modifications under another report
> name).

Feel free to submit more patches :)

> [ And IMHO the value of the report would double if the
>   result could be exported to HTML, but this is more a
>   guppi/GtkHTML issue. ]

Yea, that is definitely a guppi/gtkhtml issue.. Not much I think we
can do about it now.  I don't know if LibArt will be any better if we
decide to use it in the gnome2 port.

> > > [ BTW, I would like also a context menu in the graphical 
> > > reports to chose between "open" and "open in another window" 
> > > instead the default "open". ] 
> >
> > I'm not sure what you mean here.  Which context menu in which 
> > graphical reports? 
> Well, maybe I hadn't explain properly: when you click on a
> color in a graphical report, you zoom to the account of that
> color (another report or the transaction window). It would
> be useful that when you right-click in a legend color, a
> contex sensitive menu could be opened with options: "zoom",
> "zoom in another tab/window" (useful IMO), "fit to window
> (or resize)",... I don't know if guppi allows these
> posibilities.

I've no clue.

> As you can see, I like graphical and coloured reports (it
> seems like the human brain (of some of them) could
> understand better a big amount of data if resumed with
> bright and attractive colours). Also, if you have to present
> some data to your boss/wife/partner, sometimes is better to
> do it in a way the data or its explication seems to say what
> you want to say :-).

Nothing wrong with colored reports :)

> Bye
> --
> Juan León


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