2.0 plans?

Lahoz Gracia, Juan Leon juan-leon.lahoz at mad.tecsidel.es
Fri Feb 14 08:24:55 CST 2003

> > I'm not only speaking about a single report, but the
> > ability to combine several of them.
> Have you tried the "Custom Multicolumn Report" under the
> "Reports -> Sample & Custom" menu?  Using this report you
> can combine your other reports into a single "table" on
> the page, in multiple columns and rows.

Ahhhh.. thanks for the point. You can call me stupid now. I
didn't have see it (I saw a blank page, but I didn't click
in the properties button). I was confused by the location
and name of the report: I thank that it was some sort of
example or skeleton like the "hello world" and so, maybe if
it were named something like "Multiple report", put out of
the "Sample & custom" and jump directly to show the
properties window, it were more obvious.

On the other hand, if that properties window could have some
sort of "grid" to place the reports (to allow to specify
size and position, and to chose the dimensions of the grid),
it would be more flexible and intuitive, allowing more
posibilities of "phisical combinations".

Also, and IMHO, I think that when the "save report" the
value of this multiple report is going to be multiplied by
10 (I could happily be an hour customizing a report and all
of its subreports, but only if I could use it whenever I
want, or make slighty modifications under another report

[ And IMHO the value of the report would double if the
  result could be exported to HTML, but this is more a
  guppi/GtkHTML issue. ]

> > [ BTW, I would like also a context menu in the graphical 
> > reports to chose between "open" and "open in another window" 
> > instead the default "open". ] 
> I'm not sure what you mean here.  Which context menu in which 
> graphical reports? 

Well, maybe I hadn't explain properly: when you click on a
color in a graphical report, you zoom to the account of that
color (another report or the transaction window). It would
be useful that when you right-click in a legend color, a
contex sensitive menu could be opened with options: "zoom",
"zoom in another tab/window" (useful IMO), "fit to window
(or resize)",... I don't know if guppi allows these

As you can see, I like graphical and coloured reports (it
seems like the human brain (of some of them) could
understand better a big amount of data if resumed with
bright and attractive colours). Also, if you have to present
some data to your boss/wife/partner, sometimes is better to
do it in a way the data or its explication seems to say what
you want to say :-).


Juan León

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