Thomas Viehmann tv at beamnet.de
Tue Feb 18 21:42:03 CST 2003


Disclaimer: I'm just doing some messing around with gnucash's source and am no
expert by any standards, so I'm not too sure about what I say is correct or just
rubbish. My observations are based on current debian sid (i.e. gcc-3.2 etc.)
with custom libchipcard and recompiled (stock) libopenhbci.

I've noticed that gnucash's hbci module (libgncmod-hbci.so) is linked directly
with libchipcard.so. This is, of course, obtained via openhbci-config
--libraries returning -lchipcard.
However, nothing from libchipcard seems to be actually used directly in
libgncmod-hbci, so this appears unneccessary to the naive user.

I've noticed this because for obvious reasons my first attempt at updating
libchipcard and then just recompiling libopenhbci rendered gnucash-hbci not working.


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