HBCI Issue

Eildert Groeneveld eg at tzv.fal.de
Thu Feb 20 13:48:46 CST 2003

Hello Everyone
I would like to share the following with the developers:
It seems that a transaction is issued twice when a transaction gets aborted at 
some stage. Lets look at the steps:
1. fill in a HBCI transaction
2. hit the "execute now" button
3. if for instance the card reader was not connected the the "issue
   transaction window" disappears.
4. The transaction has to be typed in again (which in itself is not nice)
5. after "execute now" the transaction goes through. In the progress window
   I saw two lines like "noted for execution" but did not think much of it
6. when I picked up the transactions, two had been executed (too bad, how am 
   I going to get the money back?)
So apparently the transaction gets saved somewhere and the new one is added.
This is not very nice. But Christian has dropped out of the project, so I have 
no idea who could fix this.


Eildert Groeneveld
Institute for Animal Science
Mariensee 31535 Neustadt Germany
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