HBCI Issue

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Thu Feb 20 13:58:42 CST 2003

Eildert Groeneveld wrote:

> Hello Everyone
> I would like to share the following with the developers:
> It seems that a transaction is issued twice when a transaction gets aborted at 
> some stage. Lets look at the steps:

Ouch. I didn't think of that before. Yes, this is probably a serious bug 
here. If the transaction is entered, but not fully executed, then it 
still stays in OpenHBCI's Job-Queue to be executed later. Since GnuCash 
doesn't yet have any OpenHBCI job queue management implemented, one 
needs to insert code for manually emptying that queue.

Solution: In file src/import-export/hbci/dialog-hbcitrans.c between line 
244 and 245 (i.e. right before HBCI_API_addJob) you need to insert the 
following three lines:

HBCI_API_clearQueueByStatus (api, HBCI_JOB_STATUS_TODO);
HBCI_API_clearQueueByStatus (api, HBCI_JOB_STATUS_NONE);
HBCI_API_clearQueueByStatus (api, HBCI_JOB_STATUS_DONE);

That should definitely remove the previous transaction order.

Thanks for pointing this out. I'm very sorry I didn't think of this before.


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