2.0 plans?

Lahoz Gracia, Juan Leon juan-leon.lahoz at mad.tecsidel.es
Wed Feb 12 08:41:39 CST 2003

> > - Improved reports. It would be nice to anyone without a
> > clue about scheme to be able to define his/her own
> > reports, configure them, save them, etc. It is the
> > feature I miss the most (well, this and a proper export
> > of the reports to HTML, but I suppose that the not very
> > good exports are due the gtk widgets and libraries. I
> > may be wrong).
> I'm not sure what you mean by this.  Could you give an
> example of a report that you would like to see that
> doesn't exist?

Well, I'm thinking more about graphical reports (I like to
look to graphical reports to draw conclusions and take
decision when there are too many data).

I'm not only speaking about a single report, but the ability
to combine several of them.

By example, I might like to have a report to show where I
have the money (a piechart with three parts for the money in
banks, cash and stocks (with last value)), with two
smaller piecharts, one with the money in banks (one part per
bank account) and other with the different stock and their
relative value.

If I can define, save and load a single report, would be
nice to combine several of them in a visual way. For
instance, a barchart report to see my weekly expenses in
food, with three piecharts showing the proportions of each
kind of food (milk, bread, beer,...) for the las week, the
last month and the last three months.

I might like to load and run my set of saved reports monthly
and save the results to html (maybe guppi is not in good
shape and I am out of luck).

What I look is basically:

- Ability to define a report with its preferences, name it
  and save to my directory of reports. The more graphical
  and flexible the way, the better.

- Ability of visually combine several of these reports,
  setting the parameters and chosing the relative positions,
  sizes, etc. and saving the result as another report.

- Ability to export them in html, including graphics.

- Ability to run a saved report and save to html with a
  single command (maybe this could be scheduled).

[ BTW, I would like also a context menu in the graphical
reports to chose between "open" and "open in another window"
instead the default "open". ]

> Note that any kind of "new report" that processes data in
> a different way is going to have to be "written" somehow.
> So I'm not sure what you mean by someone without a clue
> about programming.  Yes, I know you said "clue about
> scheme", but frankly scheme is about as difficult to learn
> as, say, M$ Macros, so I consider them equivalent.

Yes, good point. I have nothing against scheme (I like to
write elisp functions in emacs, so...), I meant to say
"programming". The least difficult is for a user to start
doing his/her own reports, the more the user would enjoy
this feature, despite a lot of users don't want to jump
into "programming".

Gnucash has several default reports. Configure them, save
with another names and run whenever you want is nice.

It would be nice also some sort of "shell" to define reports
in scheme: a menu option would launch an editor (you could
chose what editor, by example emacsclient) with an skeleton
of report, then the report would be saved in the correct
directory, etc. And having help about the data and
functions you can use would be great.

Yes, I know all of this is a lot of effort and maybe not
into the priorities of most of the users and developers, but
to dream is cheap to me :-).


Juan Leon

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