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Rajesh Ganesan ganesanrajesh at hotpop.com
Mon Feb 24 11:05:17 CST 2003

Dear All,
I am not a developer and am very new to this group. Basically I am a chartered accountant practising in South India. My primary aim to join this group and to write this mail is to request for the following feature:
As regards split tranactions, is it possible to let those split transactions remain displaying the details in auto-split mode? For example, 
Bank A/c    Dr.    900
TDS A/c    Dr.     100 
To Fees                1000
I wish the bank account displays the details (Fees:$1000Cr & TDS:$100Dr) even though we have moved to the next transaction. We should be able to take a print out (report) of the page without it displaying mere 'split transaction'.
As it is, ledger mode displays 'split transaction' and journal mode displays details of all transactions. I wish there is an intermediary stage where the mode is basically ledger except in displaying the details of split transactions.
Hope my request has takers.

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