libtool: link: only absolute run-paths are allowed

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 26 12:41:44 CST 2003

"Gansser, Martin" <MGansser at> writes:

> > What fails, "gmake" or "gmake install"?  Based on your errors, I would
> > say "gmake install" is failing....
> No, gmake fails.

Hmm...  Ok...

> > > > p-utils.a 
> > /opt/mgansser/GNU/gnucash-1.8.1/src/engine/.libs/libgncmod-eng
> > ine.a /opt/mgansser/GNU/gnuc
> > 
> > It has "libgncmod-engine.a", whereas it should have 
> > "".
> yes, because isn't available or wasn't build

Basically, Gnucash 1.8 _requires_ shared library objects.  So, this is
certainly a major part of the problem.  You'll need to figure out
_why_ the shared library wasn't built.

> If I configure with the option  --disable-shared  --disable-static 
> then gnucash compiles and installs fine, but fails at startup
> with:
> ERROR: In procedure dynamic-link:
> ERROR: file: "libgw-gnc", message: "file not found"

This is completely normal.  Gnucash-1.8 cannot be compiled statically.
If you --disable-shared then it is 100% guaranteed to fail.  The real
question is why it's not building proper shared libraries.  I suspect
it could be a libtool problem, or it could be a configure problem.  I
don't know which offhand.

However, you will have to solve that problem.  Until you solve that
problem, all other issues are irrelevant.  Once you figure out _why_
it's not building shared libraries, then we can move on to actually
fixing the code.

> sorry Iam not subscribed at the moment to the list.

No worries.  We can keep you in the CC.  Just be sure to CC the list
on your replies.

> thanks Martin


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