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On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Andrew Pimlott wrote:

> I've seen messages that at least one person is working on a redesign
> of the postgres back-end.  (I didn't check who, but I assume he's on
> the list.)  I'm thinking about a little project that would like to
> interface with gnucash at the data level; ie, talk to the database
> rather than use the gnucash API.  If anyone working on the postgres
> back-end has any concrete plans for it, I would appreciate hearing
> about them.  Perhaps I could offer some assistance as well.

That probably is not a good idea, unless you are just going to use the 
database and no other part of Gnucash.  It's unsafe design--you could 
easily munge the data.  Is there some reason you cannot use the Engine 
API?  That would be a far better direction, and the Engine API is pretty 
well defined and separated from the GUI.

If you use the Gnucash API, you will be sure that the data is always in a 
consistent state, with respect to Gnucash.  If you go outside the API, you 
don't have the same assurances.

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