exiting from gnome

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Mar 10 11:24:38 CST 2003

lmb <lars at marowsky-bree.de> writes:

> gnucash _really_ needs an "save on exit" functionality, I think. (I can't do
> it, my scheme sucks) Unix programs have been doing it for ages on receiving a

Gnucash does try to save on exit if you exit cleanly.   At least it
asks you if you want to save or not.  IMHO this is "good enough".
Once you exit gnome, or kill X, or shutdown your computer, or unplug
the power, it's out of our control.  At some point you can't handle
all the stupid things that users do.  I think we do a pretty good job
of protecting stupid users from themselves, but frankly it can only
go so far.


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