Problems running 1.8.1 under FreeBSD stable

Anthony Wood wood at
Tue Mar 11 11:51:19 CST 2003

On 02/22 22:34, Robert Crowe wrote:
> Does anyone have (or know anyone who has) 1.8.1 running on FreeBSD 
> successfully?  It compiles OK, and even seems to be OK if you just take 
> a cursory glance at it, but it's missing a lot when you actually try to 
> use it.

I too had many problems until Derek pointed me to the libtool issue.
After installing 1.4.3, modifying, and reinstalling guile
and gnucash (I think only those two), it worked much better.  The only
bugs I found seemed not to be particular to my build or FreeBSD.

When you say "it's missing a lot", what do you mean specifically?


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