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Wed Mar 12 11:08:00 CST 2003

From: "Derek Broughton" <dbroughton at>

oops.  sorry, replying to my own post just because I hit send by accident...

> From: "Tim Wunder" <tim at>
> > On Tuesday 11 March 2003 11:31 am, someone claiming to be Derek Atkins
> > <snip>
> > > Are you willing to donate time and code to help fix it?  If not, then
> I'm really new here - can't even get the CVS yet, though I've got the latest
> source - and I understand Tim's concern that this is a heck of a combination
> code, but I'm certainly willing to give it at try.
> > Agreed (mostly), but a broken feature shouldn't be touted as a feature. At
> > least warn the poor unsuspecting user that the feature is not finished.
> And I agree that something that doesn't work shouldn't be touted as a new
> feature.
> >
> > > Based on user experience so far, SXes have clearly _never_ worked
> > > right.  But that alone does not warrant holding back a release.  SXes
> > > are an extraneous feature, and we can easily tell users "don't use
> > > them yet."  There were enough another other fixes completed to warrant
> Hardly "extraneous".  That implies
that it's really not necessary.  I'm one of those people who, without SXs, will
have to log into Windows.  Quicken is the only reason I still _have_ windows.

> > > a 1.8.2.  Hopefully the SX code can be fixed for 1.8.3, but that
> > > depends on getting code.  The SX author is busy with real life (as are
> > > ALL of us), and frankly I don't blame him for not being very active in
> > > Gnucash -- it doesn't pay his salary.  Waiting would have meant waiting
> > > indefinitely, and that's NOT ok.

This is definitely my most needed feature, and I can't promise I'll work on the
code, but I _can_ promise I'll look at it this week and decide if it's within my
current abilities.

> > > -derek, who's had a very bad day, and it's not even noon yet

I can see that if I'm going to be active here, I'm going to have to change my
name. :-)


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