Net Asset Calculation

Nigel Titley nigel at
Wed Mar 12 16:05:31 CST 2003

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 15:43, Christian Stimming wrote:
> I agree, too. Last fall, some (small) effort was spent on documenting 
> the core engine function for the 'doxygen' doc generation tool. You can 
> see the results of this work e.g. in src/engine/Transaction.h, or when 
> you invoke 'make doc'.
> However, this effort never came to a point where really the 'big 
> picture' was being documented. But of course something like 'the big 
> picture' is essential for newcomers to not be too frightened by the code 
> base. If somebody could step up to work on this, it would mean putting 
> together the texts from src/doc/design, from 'make doc', and from 
> various other places :-) , e.g. 
> src/report/report-system/doc/report-html.txt for writing a new report, 
> or src/gnc-module/doc/design.txt for writing a new gnucash module.
> If somebody (like you, Kevin or Nigel) would volunteer to collect and 
> write documents like that, I would happily help at reviewing/ 
> proof-reading these.

Let me take at a look at things when I get home tonight. I'll see if
there is enough already documented for me to try and put together a high
level document, which might kick things off.

I'll report back tomorrow.

> And about a possible testing process: During my heavy-coding phase for 
> the HBCI module (like, September through December last year), I would've 
> loved to hear from a larger group of users and testers, and I would've 
> happily joined any sort of formal process to further streamline testing 
> and bug fixing. However, now since I have stopped the active coding, and 
> many other coders seem to have reduced their commitment as well, I would 
> agree (as mentioned above) with the previously mentioned statement: The 
> current no. 1 challenge for the gnucash project is not so much finding a 
> better testing/release process, but rather finding a better "how to 
> encourage and support new developers" process... Better source code 
> documentation is almost surely a necessary condition for that. I don't 
> know whether it's sufficient as well... :-)

> Christian
> PS: As for the text format of developer documentation, AFAIK 'doxygen' 
> can be used for big text documents just as good as for auto-generated 
> source code, so maybe this might be a good tool to use even for the 
> non-autogenerated parts of developer documentation.


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