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BenoitGrégoire bock at
Wed Mar 12 12:06:45 CST 2003

> I agree, too. Last fall, some (small) effort was spent on documenting
> the core engine function for the 'doxygen' doc generation tool. You can
> see the results of this work e.g. in src/engine/Transaction.h, or when
> you invoke 'make doc'.
> ....
> PS: As for the text format of developer documentation, AFAIK 'doxygen'
> can be used for big text documents just as good as for auto-generated
> source code, so maybe this might be a good tool to use even for the
> non-autogenerated parts of developer documentation.

Indeed, that was the idea when I started work on integrating doxygen.  In my 
mind, there was two immediate benefits:

-Make it possible for programmers to document their code with little/no extra 
-Makes it easy to convert existing header comments into Doxygen docs.  This is 
what Christian and I did for Transaction.h and Account.h
But the big payoff will come if we also collect all the info contained in:

-The various README, they all should either go in the user docs or the doxygen 
developper docs.  Having that info at the top of source file will be an 
incentive to keep them up to date, if for no other reason that you don't have 
to bring it up in a text editor and then write a changelog entry for doc 
-The gnucash_design info pages.  This is a goldmine of info on the "big 
picture" and the various functions.  Unfortunately, it's also hopelessly out 
of date.  Is there a tool to convert a bunch of info pages to plain text? It 
would make it much easier to cut and paste and know what has been converted 
by deleting the relevant section.  I think this should be the #1 priority for 
someone willing to work on docs.  Christian already volunteered to help 
others proofread contributions, and I am still willing to maintain the 
doxygen system, and get the final output in a convenient format.  I'm also 
willing to answer and/or find answers to "How do I get it to do that" kind of 

Doxygen is off course not perfect, but it DOES do everything we need, and 
makes it much more likely that docs will be kept up to date.  It can even be 
made searchable.  I think we should stick with a single system for developper 

Benoit Grégoire

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