Team building (was Re: Net Asset Calculation)

Nigel Titley nigel at
Wed Mar 12 16:08:25 CST 2003

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 15:55, Kevin Benton wrote:
> Thanks Chris.  :)  Does this group need someone to help direct what bugs
> get worked on first?  What can I do to help?  I'm willing to help build
> up the coding team as well.  Does the team have a particular need at
> this point?  More C programmers?  More PostgreSQL people?  A project
> manager?  If you wouldn't mind, please help me understand where the
> biggest needs are so I can help direct people to those needs.  :)

I suspect someone to beat the alligators over the snout with a big stick
would help in the efforts to drain the swamp. :-)

Being serious, I'd say documenters is the only thing that is going to
actually help in the short term.


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