Net Asset Calculation % suggestion: Wiki

Olaf Faaland ofaaland at
Wed Mar 12 23:30:11 CST 2003


I've been testing RT, a ticket-tracker, and the folks who wrote it also have 
an knowledge base tool, called RTFM.  I'd been considering setting up anyway 
to see whether it works well.

I'd be happy to set it up on a machine, give a summary of how good or bad it 
seems to me, and let folks play with it if they want to.  The main catch I 
would expect is that I haven't ever used such a tool before, so fine points 
will go right over my head.

Alternatively, we use TWiki at work and I'd be happy to discuss my experience 
with that as well, or set one up and make it available for evaluation 

In fact, (after a tool is chosen and set up) I also wouldn't mind combing the 
mailing list to build FAQ entries, as long as it's OK that progress would ebb 
and flow.

Any votes for/against either TWiki or RTFM?


On Wednesday 12 March 2003 12:43 pm, Derek Atkins wrote:
> David Hampton <hampton at> writes:
> > On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 08:30, Derek Atkins wrote:
> > > Personally I dont like wiki's.  For one thing they don't work when the
> > > website is offline.  For another, they dont work when _I_ am offline.
> >
> > I think a wiki would work well for building a FAQ about gnucash, but I
> > agree with Derek that it wouldn't work too well for developer
> > documentation.
> Yea, for a FAQ a Wiki is great, and I would certainly encourage
> someone to create a Wiki-based GnuCash FAQ....
> > David
> -derek

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