Christian Gatzemeier c.gatzemeier at
Thu Mar 13 11:47:37 CST 2003

Hi everybody!  
The Wiki or not question came up.  
I have just recently put my info on installing from source onto it is a german site but the notes I put there  
happen to be rather english  ;-)     (make, install ...)  
For the source documentation I would say maintaining it within cvs and  
organizing it with something like doxygen is preferable.  
However a wiki may be a good idea for other "dynamic metainformation" that can 
likewise be maintained and fueled by the experience of regular users (unlike 
I think it is a good way to reduce FAQ's on Mailinglists, which might free up  
some time for coding and maybe give momentum in recruiting new users and  
potential contributors. (If someone updates the wiki he allready did the first  
step to get involved)  
I mean I have also benefited from your help on the list, and since some of it  
might be of general interest, I am willing to give somthing back, the least I  
can do is trying to make the info I gathered availabe for new users to come.  
If you agree, wouldn' it be a good idea to setup a link to the wiki from  

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