FYI: New maintainer for Guppi

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Mar 13 15:02:37 CST 2003

 >    * From: Jean Bréfort <jean brefort ac-dijon fr>
 >    * To: guppi-list <guppi-list gnome org>
 >    * Subject: [guppi-list] New maintainer for libguppi(?)
 >    * Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 18:34:47 +0100
 > Hi,
 > Since my last message, I have studied the libguppi code and I am now
 > ready (I believe) to make useful things with it. So, as there is
 > nobody else, I volunteer to be the new maintainer of libguppi. I hope
 > I'll find enough time...
 > I think that the most urgent is to port plug-ins (axis and scatter
 > have some documentation (it will clarify many things for me in first
 > place). If somebody has an opinion about what should be made before
 > releasing libguppi-0.50.0, tell me.

This is great news! This might actually lead to a working Guppi gnome2 
port. Sounds quite good, and I hope there is more to hear from Guppi 
during the next months.


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