How modular is GNUCash?

Toan T Nguyen ntt at
Sat Mar 15 18:41:10 CST 2003

I'm somewhere between beginner and intermediate level on KDE programming. I 
just think of KDE-gnucash as an opportunity to learn more and do not expect 
to do it immediately. I've been a programmer as a secondary job for 6 years, 
mostly scientific programs (using mostly C++ and C, not Fortran) so the 
logistic thinking required for programming is already learnt (I hope).


On Saturday 15 March 2003 06:05 pm, you wrote:
> Toan T Nguyen <ntt at> writes:
> > Hi,
> > No offense to GNOME users but I really fond of the elegant KDE desktop
> > and would like to see (or do) a port of gnucash to KDE.Of course, before
> > engaging in such a huge project, I would like to know if it's feasible.
> > Can gnucash developers give me some opinions on this?
> It should be feasible, but it will be a LOT of work.  GnuCash has a
> bunch of custom widgets in the UI, and you'd have to re-write a lot of
> it.  Also, I suspect that some developers might have been a bit lazy
> in terms of separating out Gnome-UI from non-UI portions of the code.
> I would estimate at least one man-year of work to implement a KDE
> front end, but that probably depends on how good you are.  There is
> already someone who is trying to work on a port to KDE -- hopefully
> he will speak up.
> -derek
> > Thanks,
> > Toan


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