Net Asset Calculation

Stan Pinte stan at
Wed Mar 12 15:31:42 CST 2003

> If I were to nominate an area that I thought would be the most
> productive in helping build the team, I'd be suggesting that the
> developer documentation is sadly lagging behind the rest of the
> development. The number of times we've had people pop up and say "I'd
> like to do <thing>, where's the doco to explain it?" has been
> impressive. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them get disheartened
> when told "Oh, look at the code, its the most up-to-date doco we have"
> and we never hear from them again. If we could stop that happening, we'd
> have a much larger pool of people to draw on to tackle the other
> problems.

well, I think that this webpage:

gives a fairly good introduction. Supplementary work would be a high-level view, per module, of the detailed components each module is based on, which technologies they use, who they collaborate, etc.


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