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Nigel Titley nigel at
Wed Mar 12 14:40:15 CST 2003

> If I were to nominate an area that I thought would be the most
> productive in helping build the team, I'd be suggesting that the
> developer documentation is sadly lagging behind the rest of the
> development. The number of times we've had people pop up and say "I'd
> like to do <thing>, where's the doco to explain it?" has been
> impressive. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them get disheartened
> when told "Oh, look at the code, its the most up-to-date doco we have"
> and we never hear from them again. If we could stop that happening, we'd
> have a much larger pool of people to draw on to tackle the other
> problems.

I have to agree with what Conrad says here. I've done quite a bit of
delving into the code by now, trying to fix bugs, and because of the
lack of documentation, both within the code and without, I'm still as
ignorant of how Gnucash actually knits together as a whole as when I
started. As to writing reports, the same goes..... "look at the code"
tends to really put people off, so we don't get the reports we need from
the folks who could write them.

Now the problem is that we all hate to document. Its no fun. But the
only person who can start to document in general is the person who wrote
the code in the first place. However, once it is started, others can
often continue. So what I'm suggesting is perhaps a bit of
"pump-priming" by the lead developers, which could then allow others to
> > Thank you for taking the time and energy to _become_ involved, thats
> > often the step most people miss
> I can't agree more with what Chris has said here. Please don't be put
> off by our apparent resistance to your suggestion, but that really
> wouldn't help the situation just at this point. First problems first... 
> :-).

In all of this, as usual, if I'm wrong please feel free to put me right.


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