How modular is GNUCash?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Mar 16 19:22:49 CST 2003

Christopher Browne <gnucash at> writes:

>   a) Update the RPC back end and create a KDE application using RPC.
>      I don't think there's any common RPC scheme between GNOME and KDE,
>      what with KDE having rejected CORBA, so this probably involves
>      creating an RPC framework for KDE in addition to writing a front
>      end.

Note that the RPC Backend uses ONC-RPC, not CORBA..  But that
doesn't matter.  If you have enought of GnuCash ported to use
the RPC Backend, then I suspect you've got enough of GnuCash ported
to use any other backend.  Unless you were suggesting building
a new set of RPCs?

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