New report: {Expenses|Income} vs. Day of Week

Andy Wingo wingo at
Sun Mar 16 12:23:24 CST 2003

Hey folks. Thanks for the delightful program -- it's really quite nice.

I'm teaching high school in northern Namibia right now, and I've been
living my life in a dichotomy, weekend versus weekday. In the week I am
in a village, not spending but maybe a dollar a day. During the weekend
I hit the town, raising the expenses to about 10 or 15 dollars a day. I
wanted to see this is a report, so I wrote one that gives a pie chart of
expenses or income versus the day of the week. I've never hacked in
scheme before, so it's a little rough but it seems to be robust -- it
handles the no-transactions-on-thursday and no-transactions-at-all cases

I don't have the gnucash source code on hand, I'm just using the debian
package. I wrote the attached file and included it via a
.config-1.8.user file:

(primitive-load (build-path (getenv "HOME") ".gnucash"

;; SUPER UGLY HACK -- this should go away when I come back for the
;; second cleanup pass...
(let ((original-module (current-module))
      (bootstrap (resolve-module '(gnucash main))))
  (set-current-module bootstrap)
  (gnc:update-splash-screen "Loading daily reports...")
  (load-module (build-path (getenv "HOME") ".gnucash"
  (set-current-module original-module))

I don't really know what's going on with that module mess, it's just
copied from main.scm. In any case it seems to work well.

To wind up a long note, thanks for the well-documented hello-world,
average-balances, and account-piecharts reports. My report might be
interesting to ad to the distro, or not, as you like.



ps. The income side of things could be interesting to workers that are
paid daily, like waitstaff or other people that rely on tips.
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;; daily-reports.scm: reports based on the day of the week
;; Copyright (C) 2003, Andy Wingo <wingo at pobox dot com>
;; based on account-piecharts.scm by Robert Merkel (rgmerk at
;; and Christian Stimming <stimming at> with
;; analyze-splits from average-balance.scm
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or    
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as   
;; published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of   
;; the License, or (at your option) any later version.              
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,  
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of   
;; GNU General Public License for more details.                     
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program; if not, contact:
;; Free Software Foundation           Voice:  +1-617-542-5942
;; 59 Temple Place - Suite 330        Fax:    +1-617-542-2652
;; Boston, MA  02111-1307,  USA       gnu at

(define-module (gnucash report daily-reports))

(use-modules (gnucash main)) ;; FIXME: delete after we finish modularizing.
(use-modules (srfi srfi-1))
(use-modules (ice-9 slib))
(use-modules (ice-9 regex))
(use-modules (gnucash gnc-module))

(require 'printf)

(gnc:module-load "gnucash/report/report-system" 0)

(define menuname-income (N_ "Income vs. Day of Week"))
(define menuname-expense (N_ "Expenses vs. Day of Week"))

;; The menu statusbar tips.
(define menutip-income
  (N_ "Shows a piechart with the total income for each day of the week"))
(define menutip-expense 
  (N_ "Shows a piechart with the total expenses for each day of the week"))

;; The names here are used 1. for internal identification, 2. as
;; tab labels, 3. as default for the 'Report name' option which
;; in turn is used for the printed report title.
(define reportname-income (N_ "Income vs. Day of Week"))
(define reportname-expense (N_ "Expenses vs. Day of Week"))

(define optname-from-date (N_ "From"))
(define optname-to-date (N_ "To"))
(define optname-report-currency (N_ "Report's currency"))
(define optname-price-source (N_ "Price Source"))

(define optname-accounts (N_ "Accounts"))
(define optname-levels (N_ "Show Accounts until level"))
(define optname-subacct (N_ "Include Sub-Accounts"))

(define optname-fullname (N_ "Show long account names"))
(define optname-show-total (N_ "Show Totals"))
(define optname-slices (N_ "Maximum Slices"))
(define optname-plot-width (N_ "Plot Width"))
(define optname-plot-height (N_ "Plot Height"))
(define optname-sort-method (N_ "Sort Method"))

;; The option-generator. The only dependance on the type of piechart
;; is the list of account types that the account selection option
;; accepts.
(define (options-generator account-types)
  (let* ((options (gnc:new-options))
          (lambda (new-option)
            (gnc:register-option options new-option))))

     options gnc:pagename-general
     optname-from-date optname-to-date "a")

     options gnc:pagename-general optname-report-currency "b")
     options gnc:pagename-general
     optname-price-source "c" 'weighted-average)

      gnc:pagename-accounts optname-subacct
      "a" (N_ "Include sub-accounts of all selected accounts") #t))

      gnc:pagename-accounts optname-accounts
      (N_ "Report on these accounts, if chosen account level allows.")
      (lambda ()
         (gnc:group-get-subaccounts (gnc:get-current-group))))
      (lambda (accounts)
        (list #t

     options gnc:pagename-accounts optname-levels "b" 
     (N_ "Show accounts to this depth and not further") 

      gnc:pagename-display optname-show-total
      "b" (N_ "Show the total balance in legend?") #t))

     options gnc:pagename-display 
     optname-plot-width optname-plot-height "d" 500 500)

    (gnc:options-set-default-section options gnc:pagename-general)      


; from average-balance.scm

;; analyze-splits crunches a split list into a set of period
;; summaries.  Each summary is a list of (start-date end-date
;; avg-bal max-bal min-bal total-in total-out net) if multiple
;; accounts are selected the balance is the sum for all.  Each
;; balance in a foreign currency will be converted to a double in
;; the report-currency by means of the monetary->double
;; function. 
(define (analyze-splits splits start-bal-double 
                        start-date end-date interval monetary->double)
  (let ((interval-list 
         (gnc:make-date-interval-list start-date end-date interval))
        (data-rows '()))
    (define (output-row interval-start 
      (set! data-rows
             (list interval-start
                   (/ (stats-accum 'total #f)
                      (gnc:timepair-delta interval-start 
                   (minmax-accum 'getmax #f)
                   (minmax-accum 'getmin #f)
                   (gain-loss-accum 'debits #f) 
                   (gain-loss-accum 'credits #f)
                   (- (gain-loss-accum 'debits #f)
                      (gain-loss-accum 'credits #f)))
    ;; Returns a double which is the split value, correctly
    ;; exchanged to the current report-currency. We use the exchange
    ;; rate at the 'date'.
    (define (get-split-value split date)
        (gnc:account-get-commodity (gnc:split-get-account split))
        (gnc:split-get-amount split))
    ;; calculate the statistics for one interval - returns a list 
    ;;  containing the following: 
    ;; min-max acculumator
    ;; average-accumulator
    ;; gain-loss accumulator
    ;; final balance for this interval
    ;; splits remaining to be processed.
    ;; note that it is assumed that every split in in the list
    ;; has a date >= from 

    (define (process-interval splits from to start-balance)

      (let ((minmax-accum (gnc:make-stats-collector))
            (stats-accum (gnc:make-stats-collector))
            (gain-loss-accum (gnc:make-drcr-collector))
            (last-balance start-balance)
            (last-balance-time from))
        (define (update-stats  split-amt split-time)
          (let ((time-difference (gnc:timepair-delta 
            (stats-accum 'add (* last-balance time-difference))
            (set! last-balance (+ last-balance split-amt))
            (set! last-balance-time split-time)
            (minmax-accum 'add last-balance)
            (gain-loss-accum 'add split-amt)))

        (define (split-recurse)
          (if (or (null? splits) (gnc:timepair-gt 
                                    (car splits))) to)) 
                  ((split (car splits))
                   (split-time (gnc:transaction-get-date-posted 
                                (gnc:split-get-parent split)))
                   ;; FIXME: Which date should we use here? The 'to'
                   ;; date? the 'split-time'?
                   (split-amt (get-split-value split split-time)))
;                (gnc:debug "split " split)
;                (gnc:debug "split-time " split-time)
;                (gnc:debug "split-amt " split-amt)
;                (gnc:debug "splits " splits)
                (update-stats split-amt split-time)
                (set! splits (cdr splits))

                                        ;  the minmax accumulator

        (minmax-accum 'add start-balance)

        (if (not (null? splits))

        ;; insert a null transaction at the end of the interval
        (update-stats 0.0 to)
        (list minmax-accum stats-accum gain-loss-accum last-balance splits)))
     (lambda (interval)
              (car interval) 
              (cadr interval)
            (min-max-accum (car interval-results))
            (stats-accum (cadr interval-results))
            (gain-loss-accum (caddr interval-results))
            (last-bal (cadddr interval-results))
            (rest-splits (list-ref interval-results 4)))

         (set! start-bal-double last-bal)
         (set! splits rest-splits)
         (output-row (car interval) 
                     (cadr interval) 
                     min-max-accum gain-loss-accum)))
    (reverse data-rows)))

;; The rendering function. Since it works for a bunch of different
;; account settings, you have to give the reportname, the
;; account-types to work on and whether this report works on
;; intervals as arguments.
(define (piechart-renderer report-obj reportname
  ;; This is a helper function for looking up option values.
  (define (get-option section name)
      (gnc:report-options report-obj) section name)))
  (gnc:report-starting reportname)

  ;; Get all options
  (let* ((to-date-tp (gnc:timepair-end-day-time 
                      (get-option gnc:pagename-general optname-to-date))))
         (from-date-tp (gnc:timepair-start-day-time 
                         (get-option gnc:pagename-general 
         (accounts (get-option gnc:pagename-accounts optname-accounts))
         (dosubs? (get-option gnc:pagename-accounts optname-subacct))
         (account-levels (get-option gnc:pagename-accounts optname-levels))
         (report-currency (get-option gnc:pagename-general
         (price-source (get-option gnc:pagename-general
         (report-title (get-option gnc:pagename-general 
         (show-total? (get-option gnc:pagename-display optname-show-total))
         (height (get-option gnc:pagename-display optname-plot-height))
         (width (get-option gnc:pagename-display optname-plot-width))
         (commodity-list #f)
         (exchange-fn #f)
         (print-info (gnc:commodity-print-info report-currency #t))
         (beforebegindate (gnc:timepair-end-day-time 
                           (gnc:timepair-previous-day from-date-tp)))
         (document (gnc:make-html-document))
         (chart (gnc:make-html-piechart))
         (topl-accounts (gnc:filter-accountlist-type 
    (define (monetary->double foreign-monetary date)
        (exchange-fn foreign-monetary report-currency date))))
    (define (zip . args)
      (if (or (null? args) (member #t (map null? args)))
          (append (list (map car args))
                  (apply zip (map cdr args)))))
    (define (filter proc l)
      (if (null? l)
          (if (proc (car l))
              (cons (car l) (filter proc (cdr l)))
              (filter proc (cdr l)))))
    (if (not (null? accounts))
        (let* ((query (gnc:malloc-query))
               (splits '())
               (data '())
               ;; startbal will be a commodity-collector
               (startbal  '())
               (daily-totals (list 0 0 0 0 0 0 0))
               (days-of-week (map _ '("Sunday" "Monday" "Tuesday" "Wednesday"
                                      "Thursday" "Friday" "Saturday"))))
          (gnc:debug daily-totals)
          ;; The percentage done numbers here are a hack so that
          ;; something gets displayed. On my system the
          ;; gnc:case-exchange-time-fn takes about 20% of the time
          ;; building up a list of prices for later use. Either this
          ;; routine needs to send progress reports, or the price
          ;; lookup should be distributed and done when actually
          ;; needed so as to amortize the cpu time properly.
	  (gnc:report-percent-done 1)
	  (set! commodity-list (gnc:accounts-get-commodities 
                                 (gnc:acccounts-get-all-subaccounts accounts)
	  (gnc:report-percent-done 5)
	  (set! exchange-fn (gnc:case-exchange-time-fn 
                             price-source report-currency 
                             commodity-list to-date-tp
			     5 20))
	  (gnc:report-percent-done 20)
          ;; initialize the query to find splits in the right 
          ;; date range and accounts
          (gnc:query-set-book query (gnc:get-current-book))
	  ;; for balance purposes, we don't need to do this, but it cleans up
	  ;; the table display.
          (gnc:query-set-match-non-voids-only! query (gnc:get-current-book))
          ;; add accounts to the query (include subaccounts 
          ;; if requested)
	  (gnc:report-percent-done 25)
          (if dosubs? 
              (let ((subaccts '()))
                 (lambda (acct)
                   (let ((this-acct-subs 
                          (gnc:account-get-all-subaccounts acct)))
                     (if (list? this-acct-subs)
                         (set! subaccts 
                               (append subaccts this-acct-subs)))))
                ;; Beware: delete-duplicates is an O(n^2)
                ;; algorithm. More efficient method: sort the list,
                ;; then use a linear algorithm.
                (set! accounts
                      (delete-duplicates (append accounts subaccts)))))
	  (gnc:report-percent-done 30)
          (gnc:query-add-account-match query accounts 'guid-match-any 'query-and)
          ;; match splits between start and end dates 
           query #t from-date-tp #t to-date-tp 'query-and)
          (gnc:query-set-sort-order query
				    (list gnc:split-trans gnc:trans-date-posted)
				    (list gnc:query-default-sort)
          ;; get the query results 
          (set! splits (gnc:query-get-splits query))
	  (gnc:report-percent-done 40)
          ;; find the net starting balance for the set of accounts 
          (set! startbal 
                 (lambda (acct) (gnc:account-get-comm-balance-at-date 
                                 acct beforebegindate #f))
	  (gnc:report-percent-done 50)
          (set! startbal 
                   (lambda (a b) 
                     (exchange-fn a b beforebegindate))))))
	  (gnc:report-percent-done 60)
          ;; and analyze the data 
          (set! data (analyze-splits splits startbal
                                     from-date-tp to-date-tp 
                                     DayDelta monetary->double))
	  (gnc:report-percent-done 70)
          ;; now, in data we have a list of (start-date end-date avg-bal
          ;; max-bal min-bal total-in total-out net). what we really
          ;; want is just the last element, #7.
           (lambda (split)
             (let ((k (modulo (- (gnc:timepair-get-week-day
                                  (list-ref split 1)) 1) 7))) ; end-date
               (list-set! daily-totals k
                          (+ (list-ref daily-totals k)
                             (list-ref split 7))))) ; net
          (let* ((zipped-list (filter (lambda (p) 
                                        (not (zero? (cadr p)))) (zip days-of-week
                 (labels (map (lambda (p)
                                (if show-total?
                                     (car p)
                                     " - "
                                       (cadr p)
                                       (gnc:commodity-get-fraction report-currency)
                                    (car p)))
            (if (not (null? zipped-list))
                  (gnc:html-piechart-set-title! chart report-title)
                  (gnc:html-piechart-set-width! chart width)
                  (gnc:html-piechart-set-height! chart height)
                   chart (string-append
                          (sprintf #f
                                   (_ "%s to %s")
                                   (gnc:print-date from-date-tp) 
                                   (gnc:print-date to-date-tp))
                          (if show-total?
                              (let ((total (apply + daily-totals)))
                                 #f ": %s"
                                   (gnc:commodity-get-fraction report-currency)
                  (gnc:html-piechart-set-data! chart (map cadr zipped-list))
                   chart (gnc:assign-colors (length zipped-list)))
                  (gnc:html-piechart-set-labels! chart labels)
                  (gnc:html-document-add-object! document chart))
                  report-title (gnc:report-id report-obj))))))
          report-title (gnc:report-id report-obj))))


 (lambda (l)
    'version 1
    'name (car l)
    'menu-path (list gnc:menuname-income-expense)
    'menu-name (caddr l) 
    'menu-tip (car (cdddr l)) 
    'options-generator (lambda () (options-generator (cadr l)))
    'renderer (lambda (report-obj)
                (piechart-renderer report-obj 
                                   (car l) 
                                   (cadr l)))))

  ;; reportname, account-types, menu-reportname, menu-tip
  (list reportname-income '(income) menuname-income menutip-income)
  (list reportname-expense '(expense) menuname-expense menutip-expense)))

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