[Fwd: Patch for Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base.pm]

Linas Vepstas linas at linas.org
Thu Nov 6 15:24:22 CST 2003

On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 02:19:59PM -0600, Dirk Eddelbuettel was heard to remark:
> Linas, 
> Please check your facts before going ballistic:

Harrumph. That's not the way I remember it.

> a) Finance::YahooQuote is older than Finance::Quote -- Dj's first release of
> F::YQ was on 1998/10/01; my first Debian release of it was on 1999/03/22 or
> _over a full year before Paul ever released F:Q_.  Who accusses whom of
> forking, please? 

I submitted something like 3 patches to Dj and he turned them all down,
indicated that it was dead, he'd lost interest, and I should do as I pleased.
So I maintained it for about a year, until Paul showed up, and he seemed 
eager and capable and so I let go.  I don't remember if I renamed it
or he renamed it to take 'yahoo' out of the name; sounds like something I'd
do... fidelity investments was the very first one I did, trowprice second 
... by the time Paul showed up, we already had 4 or 5 backends working ...
Yes, he redeisnged it from the ground up, I don't know why ... or if its
better or worse as a result.

> b) When I started to use/adopt/extend F:YQ _years_ ago I emailed you guys
> (if memory serves, to Rob B who knew me via Debian, and I think I CC'ed
> you; in any event that would have been in 2000 or so) and _never_ heard a
> word back. I offered it for gnucash' adoption because I was extremely
> symathetic to gnucash. 

I suppose there's a lesson in open source project maintainership in there
somwhere... of the 5 or 6 people who had cvs write access, none of them
responded?  I was mirroring the mailing list traffic, people were talking,
it didn't sound like there was a problem, so I ignored things.   Sorry,
in the end you can't read every email.

> because Yahoo now offered global symbols under one URL (which you seem to be
> unaware of as per your 2nd paragraph).  

The yahoo quotes for fidelity funds often differed from the quotes that
fidelity themselves quoted.  I don't know why.   Also, yahoo didn't list
all of the different fidelity funds, the newer ones were missing. 
It didn't list any but two of the troweprice funds, and the quotes
for those were also insane.  Yahoo also didn't list some funds that 
aren't publically tradable, stuff you'd only get in your retirement 
account.  I think tiaa/cref fell in that category.  So I figured that more 
quote sources == better.   That's why 'yahoo' was stripped from the name.

> That is essentially the story of my fork and later re-join of F::YQ which I
> now happen to maintain outright, and still maintain for Debian. Please look
> at 0.20 which now supports a very vast number of symbols, incl earnings,

Does it do currency?  That's one was a big deal... 


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