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Stewart V. Wright svwright+lists at amtp.liv.ac.uk
Sun Nov 9 10:49:19 CST 2003

G'day Chason,

Just some thoughts on the message you sent to the GnuCash mailing

* Chason Hayes <chasonh at hotmail.com> [031109 00:08]:

> <HTML>
>        <HEAD>
>        <TITLE>Chason S. Hayes MD</TITLE>
>        </HEAD>
>        <BODY>
>        <B>From Chason S. Hayes MD</B>
>        </BODY>
>        <P><IMG SRC="http://www.carolinaboneandjoint.com/gifs/penguin.gif" 
> ALT="Linux Penguin" ALIGN="middle"WIDTH=129 HEIGHT=119></P></FONT></BODY>
> </HTML>

Why are you putting HTML in a text message?  It will just display as
text.  Try to set up your mail program to not do this.  Well done for
sending text (rather than text and HTML -- I'm assuming it is you, and
not the GC mailing list stripping it off).

Also, try to get rid of the gif.  There are possible patent problems
with gifs.  (http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/gif.html)  Try making a .jpg
or even a .png

Apart from that, keep on enjoying GnuCash!  :-)



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