gnucash-1.8.8 to appear ASAP?

Chris Lyttle chris at
Thu Nov 13 20:28:04 CST 2003

On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 08:39, Christian Stimming wrote:

> Did something happen with the planned 1.8.8 release? I thought the last 
> messages implied it should appear sometime around November 2nd, but obviously 
> it didn't. I would kindly ask to have a 1.8.8 release now as soon as 
> possible. People keep asking about a stupid HBCI bug that I fixed in October, 
> but I still can't point them towards a working stable release. 
> Is it possible to have a 1.8.8 release this weekend, i.e. November 16th? If 
> that doesn't fit, then I would ask to have it rather earlier than later -- 
> even sometime during this week.

Actually there was no definite date agreed on. I indicated I wasn't able
to do the Oct date you asked about and as it turned out the next 2
weekends also didn't work out for me. This weekend, however, I do have
free time to do a release and would be happy to prepare it. I'll try to
get the tarball ready on Sat so other maintainers can download and
compile for their distro's (barring any last min difficulties). Please
try to have any changes you want into the 1.8 tree tomorrow (Fri 14th).
I also need someone to volunteer making RPM's, I don't have a current
RedHat install and am not intending to update my 7.3 install to a newer
version of RH/Fedora.

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