GNC v1.8.8 documentation

Chris Lyttle chris at
Sun Nov 16 18:39:36 CST 2003

On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 04:34, Christian Stimming wrote:
> On Sonntag, 16. November 2003 13:19, Jon Lapham wrote:
> > If we want to sync the upcoming GNC v1.8.8 release with the current
> > state of the documentation, please apply this update to
> > help-topics-index.scm.
> In theory this patch is a Good Thing.  In practice, it would add 12 
> untranslated strings and there is no way the translators can catch up with 
> that in time. Therefore (sigh) I rather propose to apply this patch after 
> 1.8.8 is out...
> > If this patch is not accepted, no problem, v1.8.8 simply will not have
> > some of the new documentation stuff.
> Sorry, yes, that's unfortunate. But if we want to respect the translators' 
> work a single bit, then we have to delay this to the next release.


Sorry for my ignorance of translation related stuff here, but my
impression was that the help index file that Jon wants changed isn't
used by anything other than the help browser in GnuCash and with that
bit is only used to display help topics. If what he is adding is making
a change to something only the docs would use and its not used unless
there is already an equivalent doc in the language to be translated
would this not mean that the translation work to do this isn't that
great? AFAIK there is only a english version of the guide, so in theory
this string change doesn't even require a translation. Am I wrong here?

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