SQL tables for GnuCash Business Objects?

Matthew Vanecek mevanecek at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 2 23:27:01 CDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 10:13, Linas Vepstas wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> Have you perchance designed an SQL tables for the business objects?
> I'm reaching a point in the coding where I'll need these soon.

Not yet.  I could do it this weekend, though.  I've looked at the
business code some, so it shouldn't take too much.

> Since, ahh, what I'm working on is kind of on a collision course with 
> your stated goals of working on the SQL backend, I figured that maybe
> I ought to apprise you of this ... :-)

Thanks.  I've been busy with a deadline next week at work.  Been taking
my time night and day. :( I've been putting in 5 minutes here and there
with Gnucash, working on an extensible QofQuery->SQL engine.  100%
arbitrary SQL sure is a pain in the butt...

> I'm currently tearing up the guts of "DWI" http://dwi.sourceforge.net
> DWI was originally (and still is) a way of 'quickly' developing glade
> apps that are hooked to an SQL db.  I wrote a kind of tracking tool
> using the thing for a client (tracking maintenance of pipes & pumps),
> so DWI has been vetted with a 'real life' project.  I've been planning
> on creating a whiz-bang open source bug tracker & etc with it, but
> never got around to it.

It sounds nice.  A RAD tool for hooking GUIs to databases is something
that would be good to have.  There's AppGen, but I think that's based on
a proprietary database and it may not even be available anymore.  It was
fairly expensive, IIRC.

Any easier way to add new types of data to Gnucash, but it sounds like
what you are looking at is a fairly major change to the architecture. 
Perhaps that's something to look at for the future.
Matthew Vanecek
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