Turkish localization

A. Alper ATICI alper.atici at softhome.net
Mon Oct 20 15:02:47 CDT 2003


I discovered Gnucash a couple of months ago, was interested in it, and 
then I've found myself translating it into Turkish, 1080 strings so far, 
plus some accounts (also added a custom one).
Considering I'm not an accountant, this is no trivial task but I want to 
finish it after all. So, I have several questions:

1. How fatal are Gtk-CRITICALs? Are they just annoyances, or signs of 
possible memory leaks, future crashes or sth? (GNOME 1 strings/shortcuts 
for Turkish may also be broken, which I'm reluctant to fix)

2. Is this the correct list I should pose questions about translation 
technicalities? If not, which one?

3. How is the decision to start a national gnucash-users mailing list 
made? (I guess one will be necessary when tr.po is finished)


A. Alper ATICI

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