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El mié, 22 de 10 de 2003 a las 07:26, A. Alper ATICI escribió:
> > 	I think that it would be better to have more meaningfull msgids.
> > "New at Profile#", "New at Account#", etc. seem more reasonable to me. :)
> Yes, I understand your concerns, but that mangling scheme is to be on 
> the safe side, such as:
> 1. The mangled string must not clash with any current/future actual 
> strings. 
> Though it's unlikely that GnuCash will need to use a string like 
> "New at Account#", it's more unlikely to ever need sth. like "New at 001#".
> 2. The mangling scheme should provide for easy spotting for developer.
> So we're better off with sth. non-alpabetic, not translated ever.
> Let's say there's a string about new account numbers in the source, 
> like "New Account #", and there will be that "New at Account#" somewhere, 
> and a translator has asked for a new "New"...
> I wouldn't fancy that if I were the developer.
> 3. I believe some form of ordinality in mangling scheme would be very 
> useful.
> 4. Fixed length mangling string would also be very useful.

	That's right, but I, as a translator, don't know what "New at 001#" is.
Maybe "New at 001#Account" is more on your reasons... :)

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