Account selection dialogs

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Oct 23 10:46:48 CDT 2003

David Hampton schrieb:
> While working on the g2 port yesterday, I discovered that there are
> three different account picker dialogs.  Each of these only gets called
> once, and each is called by a different import module (QIF, HBCI, and
> OFX).  The account picker used by OFX (gnc_import_select_account)
> appears to be a superset of the version used by HBCI
> (gnc_account_picker_dialog).  Any objection to my switching HBCI to use
> the gnc_import_select_account picker?  

Yes, objection.

> (Unfortunately the QIF picker
> does odd things and can't be collapsed together with the other two.)


The HBCI and OFX code use the same account picker 
src/import-export/import-account-matcher.h as far as the importing 
process is concerned, and it is used . This was a huge discussion/debate 
all over last year. The QIF things are separate -- they are pretty much 
unmaintained and nobody picked up the task of integrating it into the 
newly created "common importing infrastructure".

As for the part in HBCI that you just discovered: In 
druid-hbci-initial.c I use the account picker that is defined in 
src/gnome-utils/dialog-account-pick.h . Is there some reason why this 
would be a bad choice in the gnome2 port? I thought this account picker 
is used in gnucash all over the place anyway, so I'd simply use it 
there, too. The import-account-matcher.h is indeed a superset of what 
the src/gnome-utils/dialog-account-pick.h one does. Maybe I could switch 
the account picker in druid-hbci-initial.c over to the importing one, 
but currently I don't see a need for that. So I would rather like to 
leave that part of the code alone.


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