GnuCash prominent in SuSE9.0 description

Christian Stimming stimming at
Wed Oct 22 12:46:56 CDT 2003

SuSE releases their 9.0 Linux this week. The "Professional" version 
includes gnucash-1.8.5 with openhbci-0.9.13. The accounting package with 
HBCI features is prominently mentioned in the description several times.

As you can see on their product description, the 
feature "Accounting" comes right after KDE, Gnome, and OpenOffice. On 
the english page they 
introduce *only* GnuCash as their accounting solution. On the respective 
German page they 
introduce GnuCash *first*, then the commercial packages Moneyplex and 
Active Trader, both of which are only available inside Germany (no idea 
why -- probably license issues).

Pretty good advertising for us, I would say.


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