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Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Wed Oct 22 01:10:16 CDT 2003

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Subject: Cooperation with TurboCASH
Date: Monday 20 October 2003 04:21
From: Philip Copeman <philipdc at users.sourceforge.net>
To: benoitg at users.sourceforge.net

I have seen your GNUCASH Web Site on SourceForge.

You seem to share the same principles and ideas that we

have. We complement each other in that we are firmly in

Small business and Delphi on Windows and you are in C

Personal Accounting and Linux.  We have 16 000 small

business users in use.

What you have to Quicken is what we have to Quickbooks. We

see our selves squarely in competition with Quickbooks,

Sage, Peachtree, KHK, MYOB.

What I propose is that we agree to standards that allow us

each to pass data to each other OFX we have begun with (We

bring in Bank Statements.) This alliance will allow us each

to concerntrate on the areas where we each have strengths.

(GNUCASH Linux, personal, TurboCASH Samll Business Windows)

I am REALLY into your idea of a Web Currency. I woudl be

prepared to allocate resources to implementing this.

Our technologiy is based on Delphi, BDE and Paradox. We have

beginings to Linux, PHP and MySQL.

I would like you to throw in your lot with us and we will

jointly develop a distributed system, based on the TurboCASH

engine, which is now stable, open, running and ready for change.

Could you please forward thsi email to the other members of

you development team., Who is your controller?

Would you please check out

www.sourceforge.net/projects/turbocash and refer back to me.


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Président, Comité Jeunesse de l'Association des Diplômés de Polytechnique.

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