Double-entry explanation

Tim Wunder tim at
Mon Sep 1 10:42:41 CDT 2003

On Monday 01 September 2003 8:52 am, someone claiming to be Jon Lapham wrote:
> I was reading through Chapter 2 of the GnuCash Concepts Guide,
> specifically section "2.2.2 Double Entry", in which we define and give
> an example of double entry accounting.
> see:
> I think the inclusion of the split transaction example (the paycheck) is
> a little too much to chew for a new user this early in the Concepts
> Guide.  I like the other examples that involve 2 accounts (buying
> groceries and the simple income example)... but I think that a split
> transaction is something most new users need some time to understand.
> And, in this section, I think we are really just trying to get people to
> grasp the concept of double entry.
> So, I propose to remove the split transaction example.  Comments?
> Objections?
> I think we should still *reference* the fact that you can do multiple
> account transactions, and give a link to a later part of the
> documentation that explains split transactions in more detail (chapter 4).
> Nice side effect of this is to make this section shorter.  It is pretty
> long as it is.

As long as the reference uses the correct chapter/section whatever. Currently, 
the page says "You enter a transaction with multiple splits, which we will 
cover in section 4.3." Section 4.3 is "Choosing a Register Style", the 
section that relates seems to be 4.2.2, "Multi Account Transaction", which 
I'd like to see named "Spilt Transactions", whcih is what Gnucash calls 'em.


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