Double-entry explanation

Jon Lapham lapham at
Mon Sep 1 12:05:06 CDT 2003

Tim Wunder wrote:
> As long as the reference uses the correct chapter/section whatever. 
> Currently, the page says "You enter a transaction with multiple 
> splits, which we will cover in section 4.3." Section 4.3 is "Choosing
>  a Register Style",

I think we should definitely use the correct reference.  :)  In fact, I
wish I knew how to put a link there, so you could just click and go
immediately to the reference...

> the section that relates seems to be 4.2.2, "Multi Account
> Transaction", which I'd like to see named "Spilt Transactions", whcih
> is what Gnucash calls 'em.

Hmmm, don't know about this.  To a user with no GnuCash experience, 
isn't "multi account transaction" the logical thing to follow "simple 
two account transaction"?

Maybe the first thing to say in section 4.2.2 is "In GnuCash a 
transaction involving more than 2 accounts is called a split 
transaction" and never use the term "multi account transaction" again. 

But, I'll change the title of the section if there are others that agree 
with you, I'm not set in stone on my position.

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