Lot Viewer comments

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Sep 2 22:43:58 CDT 2003


I just had the opportunity to take a look at the lot viewer today.
Granted, I'm looking in the context of AR, but the UI is the same.
I like it.  Good work.   HOWEVER....

IMHO it would have been much better if you used the gnc-query-list
widget to display the two sets of lists.

Basically, the gnc-query-list lets you define:
        1) the query to display
        2) the set of columns to display
        3) for each column, the title and the parameter (or callback function)

Using the query list also gives the benefit of:
        a) quazi-dynamic columns
        b) user-defined sorting of items in the list
        c) a common widget for all "sortable, columned list-of-items"

Question: I also notice that the AR/AP lots don't have titles or
notes.  Should the business features (posting invoices/payments)
supply a title when creating a lot?

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